Super Cool Chat Hour Noon-1 pm @717 Columbia St. Hudson, NY

Please Join Us !!!

Our chat hour is a loosely structured group focused on improving mental health wellness for anyone in the community whether they experience serious mental health problems or general mental health problems related to a variety of issues.  Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment so that individuals can express whatever may be going on with them that may be distressing or if they just want to talk about whatever is happening in their life.  Since our chat is open to the public there will be a mixed bag of participants in terms of what they may be experiencing in terms of their mental health state.  The group structure will be loose so one can speak freely on anxiety, depression, and/or thoughts and feelings that may be creating mental health troubles. 

The group leader will provide positive direction so participants will feel heard and steer them to try out coping methods that may help channel whatever that may be ailing them to move forward towards a more positive outlook on their lives and relationships.  As well, to empower participants to take personal actions to improve their general mental health with the support of the group. 

The group atmosphere will be relaxed so participants feel comfortable sharing and given the freedom to discuss on varied topics providing they adhere to the group’s primary rule.  That is “Be Respectful” of individual differences, feelings, and beliefs whatever they may be.  The group leader will model supportive behavior so group members are mindful of this essential rule to maintain a unified “Safe Space” so they may gain better insight and learn how to better manage mental health problems that prop up or are pervasive in their lives. 

  • Please be respectful of the Mental Health Awareness Gallery’s “Sober Space” policy while in attendance

Additional behavioral requests for attendees will be discussed at the beginning of the group.