• Recovery Cafe

    Recovery Cafe

      The Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery presents a free, innovative arts program. These weekly art/recovery classes are based on the eight dimensions of wellness. Art assignments are given which lead the student into a deeper connection with wellness and recovery. The work done in class is published in a bimonthly newsletter. Classes begin…

  • Michael Weitzman

    Michael Weitzman

    Mental Health Peer Activist My Most Important and Biggest SUCCESS Story of my LIFE: I Suffered and Struggled for over 40 years with my Mental Health 25 years I Suffered in Silence and then during the next 15 years I worked on my Recovery but still Suffered and could not Get and STAY Mentally Well.…

  • Humble beginnings

    Humble beginnings

  • Highlights from our One-Year anniversary via You-Tube

    Highlights from our One-Year anniversary via You-Tube

    See below for more information

  • Artwork by Laurel Clark

    Artwork by Laurel Clark

    Our next featured artist is Laurel Clark. She like others, is someone that has experienced trauma related to a family member that was not only mentally ill, but also had a co-occurring substance use disorder. She further explains how artwork was helpful in managing her thoughts/emotions below. “My parent was an addict, but she also…

  • Events to mark your calendar

    Events to mark your calendar

    Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you that we’re gearing up for our 2nd year annual fundraiser to be held at LIGHTFORMS again- 743 Columbia St. Hudson, NY Saturday August 26th from 3-9 pm.  The event will be relatively casual with a brief speech at 6 pm to thank sponsors and spread the news as…

  • Metal artwork by Bennett Karas

    Metal artwork by Bennett Karas

    Hi, I’m Bennett Karas. I work in metal to create chainmaille, jewelry, sculpture and other unique handmade items, inspired and informed by medieval arms and armor. My chainmaille is typically made of stainless steel, titanium or bronze, and in other alloys on request. I use a variety of weaves including Byzantine, European and Japanese variants.…

  • YouTube Videos

    YouTube Videos

    Clips from past presentations at Camphill Solaris The Connection between Mental Illness and Creativity Richard Fuertes with “Colors” Manhattan Gallery- Our artist’s work in video/book rendition Funny mental health book jackets by Jesse Sanchez Connecting Ground interview Michael Weitzman with “The Three Amigos” Wake up call with Ed and Paul Following the Yellow Brick Road:…

  • Artwork by James Oliver Huff

    Artwork by James Oliver Huff

    Art has played a very important part in my recovery journey with my mental state, which is what I’d really like to share. Mental health awareness is a topic that is talked about more now than ever before. I like to think of myself as a mental health advocate, because I’ve lived with my mental…

  • Stigma Free Art @ 717 Columbia St. Hudson, New York

    Stigma Free Art @ 717 Columbia St. Hudson, New York

    a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity (EIN) # 83-2719432)   Our Vision  The Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts gallery’s first gallery space has a variety of artwork on display by those people in recovery from serious mental health issues and serves as recovery and support resource center for the public. This unique gallery space…

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