Highlights from our 2nd year annual fundraiser

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Before you go jumping

This brief video was first shown publicly at the Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery’s 2nd year annual fundraiser. This video is the first installment of what will eventually become a six-part series that will vary in terms of narrative, visuals, voiceover, and background music. Mental health struggles will be a central theme throughout the series. This piece of the series was written by Meagan Meehan with voiceover by Diane Brackett, background music by James King, and visuals created by Brian Belt. This collaboration of minds and talent make this piece truly remarkable as it puts viewers into a different realm of consciousness- As well, the series once complete will be aptly titled “Stream of Consciousness” and will be shown publicly in Hudson, New York this year.

Ori Alon-Ray and Rachel Ray-Alon speak during our fundraiser

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