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My Most Important and Biggest SUCCESS Story of my LIFE:

I Suffered and Struggled for over 40 years with my Mental Health 25 years I Suffered in Silence and then during the next 15 years I worked on my Recovery but still Suffered and could not Get and STAY Mentally Well. And I went into 6 Psychiatric Hospitals, 4 Outpatient Clinics, Missed using Medicine, 22 ECT Treatments, Suicide Thoughts, and Suicide Attempt on Jan 2, 2008 and was still Suffering Unbelievably with my Mental Health which was Major Depression with a little Bipolar! Tried everything but could Not Get and STAY Mentally Well!

And then things got even worse because on Aug 8th, 2014, I will always remember that day is where Lewy Body Dementia and Suicide took Robin Williams Life! I was his biggest Fan and Robin was my Mentor regarding everything about Comedy, Improv, and all his amazing movies but for the next 2 and a half months because of what Robin Williams did I got so so Unbelievably Depressed and had to voluntarily go into my 6th and hopefully last Psychiatric Hospital on Oct 16, 2014. 

But this time compared to all the other times I was an Inpatient at a Psychiatric Hospital something happened different where I had an Ah Ha Moment or Divine Intervention or whatever you want to call it that said this time I’m finally now going to Get and STAY Mentally Well! So while I’m in this Psychiatric Hospital for the next 13 days I was able to put together my own Workshop/Presentation called The 3 Amigos of Mental Health where the purpose is to share my own Mental Health Stories with my own Lived experiences in how I Suffered and Suffered in Silence for over 40 years but also tell my Inspirational, Motivational, Humorous, Relatable, and Helpful Mental Health Stories of how I Finally Got and STAYED Mentally Well right after I got discharged from my Psychiatric Hospital!

So, I finally found the right Psychiatrist, Therapist, and Medicine and kept working on my Important Recovery but is was the many types of Wellness Tools from my Wellness Toolbox and especially using HUMOR that got me to the Promised Land to Get and STAY Mentally Well!  Like using Meditation, Deep Breathing Exercises, Affirmations, Creed, Prayer, GOD, Bible, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Good Sleep, Walks, A Pet, Mindfulness, and so much more!  And I kept adding more and more to my own Workshop/Presentation called The 3 Amigos of Mental Health and started Speaking and Performing all over telling my my Struggles and Inspirational Mental Health stories by being an advocate and a Different type of RELATABLE Resource to Educate, Inspire, Motivate, Use Humor, and Help Everyone with their Important Mental Health and so much more! By getting Rid of this Terrible STIGMA of Mental Illness, Deal with Acceptance and Opening Up about your Mental Health, Addiction, Suicide Thought, or whatever else is going on with you, to use many of my own Wellness Tools, and of course to use HUMOR as one of your Biggest Wellness Tool to Get and STAY Mentally Well!  Through The 3 Amigos of Mental Health I show and Tell that you can Get and STAY Mentally Well just like I finally did which is now over 8 years and Counting. And no matter what is going on with you you can have Fun without making Fun of your Mental Health or anything else. And most Important I’m working so hard to get Rid of this Terrible STIGMA of whatever is going on with you that we are All CREATED EQUAL and for the many who are Suffering and Suffering in Silence also Deserve to have a Quality of Life as well! 

So, The 3 Amigos of Mental Health is either you are Suffering with your Mental Health, Suffering in Silence, or Not Suffering at all with your Mental Health and my job through Education, Awareness, and Lived Experiences is to Help the ones Suffering and Suffering in Silence and Educate the ones Not Suffering to understand what it feels like and taste like to Suffer so they can be more Helpful and Supportive to their friends and family that do Suffer with their Mental Health and more so that All The 3 Amigos of Mental Health can be Good Friends (AMIGOS)!

I also work for a Psychiatric Hospital I was a patient at for almost 6 years as a Trained and Certified Peer Support Specialist and Care Coordinator by building my own Mental Health Career in helping so many patients of mine!

What I’m doing now since I’m still Mentally Well for over 8 years is Speaking and Performing The 3 Amigos of Mental Health everywhere and getting paid through doing Seminars, Webinars, and Podcasts by telling my stories and making it very Enjoyable, Cool, Humorous, Relatable, and so much FUN to talk about Mental Health. I have done several Mental Health TV Stories and a Great GOALCAST Video where they made me the Star and working hard to get on more major TV Networks to Tell my Inspirational Mental Health Story and trying to finish The 3 Amigos of Mental Health Book and get a Documentary and of course a Movie about my own Mental Health Story so I can become Nationally and Worldly known so I can HELP Billions of people with their own Important Mental Health and so much more by using All of my Amazing PASSION in Giving VALUE to HELP Others!!

So, this is my Most Important SUCCESS Story that has changed my life for over 8 years and I’m still MENTALLY WELL and HELPING So many people with their Important Mental Health and so much more and if I can do it SO CAN YOU!!!!



Mrs STAYING ALIVE!! aka Michael Weitzman

Cell 914-523-5766



Educational, Motivational, Inspirational, Entertaining, Humorous, & MEMORABLE Maximum Impact Awareness Speaker Working on Touching and Helping Everyone Get and STAY Mentally Well!!

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