“Peers, Tears and Pages” class with Jesse Sanchez and Brian Karas

One of our artists, Jesse Sanchez, speaks on his recovery from schizoaffective diagnosis and how art and peer teaching of his class “Peers, Tears and Pages” to help others that may be suffering from serious mental health problems through art and recovery principles for the Sisco Crisis Help Radio Show at

Read below for a class description and registration information:

“Recovery does not happen in a straight line. I have experienced multiple episodes, sometimes decades apart in my life. Recording experiences in a book making class such as this, might serve as a reminder that seasons do change, and in nature, like life with mental illness, storms don’t last forever. A book can be read and reread and written again. Like any good story, the final chapter can be a happy ending, if we choose to make it so.” -Jesse Sanchez (

In this class we will allow the participant to put in book form some moment or moments in their lives when they realized transformation was necessary for their recovery. Using various forms of artistic expression such as drawing, painting, photography, collage, and calligraphy, students will create and assemble their work into a book. Professional book artist, Brian Karas,

will show examples of ways to integrate the visual art with the written text and will demonstrate three simple ways to make a book; folded, accordion and sewn. All art supplies will be provided but artists are welcome to bring their own.

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