Artwork by Kevin Porter Osterhout

Our latest featured artist, Kevin Porter Osterhout, is a reminder to all that serious mental health disorders coupled with substance-use disorders (a common method to self-medicate) can have tragic consequences.  A good support network of recovery resources and proper medication are essential requirements needed to elevate and maintain one’s recovery and their general sense of self-worth and well-being, but the reality is some do relapse for various reasons.  A case in point is the story of Kevin Porter Osterhout. Kevin’s artwork was recently submitted by his family members to remind us that none of us are immune to the effects of serious mental health disorders especially when they are coupled with substance abuse disorders.  But there is Hope and there is support for those in need even when one feels all hope is lost.  Just reach out and connect to the people of NAMI and their vast pool of support connections.  And remember even when the pain seems too much to bear you are not alone. Just reach out to the others in NAMI that have traveled similar paths in their struggles with loved ones that suffer serious mental health problems for they can give you the guidance and hugs you may need to not only get through your grief but to also activate a sense of peaceful acceptance of your loved ones passing within yourself.  In time, you may be able to share the strength, wisdom, and empathy you gained to help others that face similar life traumas. 

Kevin Porter Osterhout  (June 9, 1990-August 30, 2020).  In a relapse, Kevin died of accidental fentanyl/heroin poisoning, after many months of not using any substances and living well with his mental health difficulties. This work is submitted by his family.

To view more of Kevin’s artwork simply click on the weblink below

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