YouTube videos

YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

Clips from past presentations at Camphill Solaris

Richard Fuertes with “Colors”

Connecting Ground interview

Michael Weitzman with “The Three Amigos”

Wake up call with Ed and Paul

Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Steps and Obstacles to achieving REAL Recovery from serious mental health diagnoses

Set to the backdrop theme of the Wizard of Oz, Danielle Reiff, speaks on her recovery from bipolar disorder. This video was originally presented for the public at the Hudson Opera house for a NAMI educational event in the year 2015.

New Age Abstractions

Artwork by Sean Springer

Highlights from our One-Year Anniversary

Michael Weitzman’s on You-Tube

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Family,

Below is my Latest Workshop/Presentation Seminar called: THE 3 AMIGOS OF MENTAL HEALTH for

the Girl Scouts, Juniors, and Brownies on March 6th 2022 where I Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Use Humor,

Help, and be a RELATABLE Resource by using All of my PASSION in Speaking and Performing about

Mental Health and so much more and by being very Interactive, Engaging, and talking about tough and 

sensitive Words and Subjects in a very Enjoyable and FUN way to Learn!    Please Enjoy!

Brian Belt Recovery Story

You Tube Clips compliments of Adam Hoyt

Local Shots From Around the World Part 1

Local Shots From Around the World Part 2

Hope Rocks Live Performance 2017

Voices of Recovery 2014

Voices of Recovery 2017

Michael Weitzman

Loki Anthony: Behind the Design Episode 1

Create a Book class reception

Jesse Sanchez

By Brian Belt

Executive Director of Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery INC

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