Artwork by Jesse Sanchez

Circles of Life

and its making on You-Tube

Mysterious Woods

My art is an expression of who I am. My experience with mental healing and my pursuit of wellness feeds my body, mind, and soul, and thereby my art. Acceptance and encouragement make me happy. Conversely, being judged and criticized does harm. This piece ‘Mysterious Woods’ speaks of the mystery of life. Changes happen in multiple and simultaneous ways to all of us. I show multiple views of this tree scene to express my sense of a fractured but universal world view. This kind of serenity is what we can all feel regardless of our problems, disabilities, or psychological and emotional disposition. What we have in common is stronger than what divides us. Spending time in nature brings us to the awareness of our common humanity. Perhaps the joy I feel in creating my artwork can bring a sense of peace and loving commonality to the world.

To view more of Jesse’s artwork just click on the link below

and for a lil artwork in action check out Jesse’s making of ‘Chaotic Balance’

For added insight into Jesse’s work go to his website at




Below is a video Jesse created that showcase his panel designs on exhibit at the New Rochelle Public Library for Black History Month. ‘Tracing Our Roots: New Rochelle’s Black History’ runs through March 4, 2023. Jesse gives thanks to City Historian Barbara Davis and NRCA for the opportunity.

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