Artwork by Jessica Banx from Mobile, Alabama

Hello all.
Simply put, Art has saved my life in a multi-faceted manner.
I’ve been dealing with mental health problems for practically my whole life and was hospitalized three times along my journey to wellness. Unfortunately, my instability, from either having no medication or incorrect medication led to using hard drugs, jail time, and lifelong repercussions. For years, I rebuked, hid, and attempted to eradicate these “unsavory” parts of myself…
I began making art again about 3.5 months ago, and shortly was diagnosed as having Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar type. I now have the correct medication to help my brain function as it’s supposed to.
I now have over 100 paintings, and find any creative outlet becomes therapy, whether it be art, music, writing acting, has the complete potential to become therapy and heal the brain… As well as hearts.
My neurodivergent brain led to an unconventional life, but I finally know who I am, and I have Art to thank for unlocking what I thought was lost.
It’s incredible to feel joy again.

“Path of Least Resistance”
It’s often difficult to find the right road to continue, or even start your way to stability, when the path shifts and hides, camouflaged by cluttered chaos in the mind.
By venting through art, I can oust these confining thoughts onto canvas.

The most rewarding part of Art?
The process of creating is therapy for me.
The end result is therapy for others.

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