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12:00 pm – 4:15 pm
12:00 pm – 4:15 pm
12:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Our Vision

 The Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts gallery’s first gallery space has a variety of artwork on display by those people in recovery from serious mental health issues and serves as recovery and support resource center for the public. This unique gallery space blends artistic work with mental health awareness to eliminate community bias and stigma related to serious mental health diagnoses. As many people know, stigma related to serious mental health diagnoses is a major barrier in seeking recovery-based solutions to mental health problems. Our artists not only prove they are people worthy of positive attention, but they also show others that recovery is achievable and that there is no shame in having a serious mental health diagnosis. At the Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery, we transform the hearts and minds of all towards a more Loving Supportive environment as it relates to those diagnosed with serious mental health disorders.

*The Mental Health Awareness & Creative Arts Gallery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity

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Have you ever wanted to unleash your creativity and express yourself in a fun and relaxing way? If so, you might want to join our collage making class! Collage making is a great activity for mental health and fun socializing. Here are some of the benefits of collage making:

– Collage making can help you reduce stress and anxiety. By focusing on the colors, shapes, and textures of the materials, you can distract yourself from negative thoughts and emotions. You can also use collage making as a form of therapy, by creating images that reflect your feelings and experiences.

– Collage making can boost your self-esteem and confidence. By creating something unique and beautiful, you can feel proud of your achievements and skills. You can also display your collages in your home or office, or share them with others online or in person, to receive positive feedback and appreciation.

– Collage making can enhance your creativity and imagination. By experimenting with different materials, techniques, and themes, you can discover new ways of expressing yourself and communicating your ideas. You can also learn from other collage makers, by observing their styles and methods, or collaborating with them on joint projects.

– Collage making can foster fun socializing and friendship. By joining our collage making class, you can meet new people who share your interests and passions. You can also bond with them over the process of collage making, by exchanging tips, compliments, and stories. You can also participate in events and exhibitions, where you can showcase your collages and network with other artists.

As you can see, collage making is a wonderful hobby that can enrich your life in many ways. So, what are you waiting for? Join our collage making class Fridays and enjoy the benefits of this amazing art form!

Highlights from our 2nd year annual fundraiser

Before you go jumping

This brief video was first shown publicly at the Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery’s 2nd year annual fundraiser. This video is the first installment of what will eventually become a six-part series that will vary in terms of narrative, visuals, voiceover, and background music. Mental health struggles will be a central theme throughout the series. This piece of the series was written by Meagan Meehan with voiceover by Diane Brackett, background music by James King, and visuals created by Brian Belt. This collaboration of minds and talent make this piece truly remarkable as it puts viewers into a different realm of consciousness- As well, the series once complete will be aptly titled “Stream of Consciousness” and will be shown publicly in Hudson, New York this year.

Ori Alon-Ray and Rachel Ray-Alon speak during our fundraiser

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Sid Collins

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“The emotions study”
What happens when the door closes, the lights fade and it’s just you?
What happens when you’re alone with your thoughts?
What do you think?
What do you feel?
What do those feelings look like?
it isn’t just a drawing, no, it’s much more than that.
It’s my story, the portrayal of my mind.
This is the result of studying my own emotions.

*All reproduction rights are reserved and images are subject to copy right

To view more of Sid’s artwork and learn about his mental health struggles go to his company, Light and Dark Art, website at

Sum of Girl: A Memoir of Sex & Suicide

by Amy Spoto

Amy Spoto holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community and Human Services. She has worked in multiple areas of child and adult welfare, including prevention, foster care, and adult protective services. Amy has assisted individuals and families facing addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health issues.  With her experience and passion, Amy decided to share her personal journey to help those in need on a larger scale.  Her debut book, Sum of Girl: A Memoir of Sex & Suicide, is a story of healing and hope.  Amy enjoys living and hiking in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York and works at the Columbia County Department of Social Services/Adult Protective Services.

Mental Health and Opioid Use Disorder: How Are They Connected?

Mental health problems and opioid abuse are often linked in a complex and vicious cycle. Opioids are powerful painkillers that can also produce feelings of euphoria, relaxation and relief from stress. However, they also have serious risks and side effects, such as addiction, dependence, tolerance, withdrawal, overdose and death. People who suffer from mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder, may use opioids to cope with their symptoms or to self-medicate. However, this can worsen their mental health condition and increase their risk of developing an opioid use disorder. Conversely, people who abuse opioids may develop mental health problems as a result of their substance use, such as mood swings, paranoia, psychosis or suicidal thoughts. Therefore, it is important to address both mental health problems and opioid abuse in an integrated and holistic way, by providing appropriate treatment, support and prevention strategies for both conditions.
See weblink below for more information.

Annual Fundraiser

Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery to celebrate our annual fundraiser

Saturday August 26th from 3-9 pm @ LIGHTFORMS Art Center 743 Columbia St. Hudson NY

The impact of a art gallery that publicly showcases artwork by those people in recovery from serious mental health conditions in an effort to erase stigma is multifaceted and profound. On one hand, it empowers the artists to express themselves creatively and share their stories with a wider audience, fostering a sense of agency, identity and belonging. On the other hand, it educates the public about the realities and challenges of living with mental illness, breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions, and promoting empathy and compassion. By creating a space for dialogue and interaction between the artists and the viewers, the gallery also facilitates social inclusion and community engagement, which are vital for recovery and well-being. The gallery thus serves as a platform for advocacy and awareness, as well as a source of inspiration and hope for both the artists and the public.

Shared creativity is the process of collaborating with others to produce something new and valuable. It can be a powerful way to foster public unity, as it allows people to express their diverse perspectives, learn from each other, and find common ground. By engaging in shared creativity, we can build trust, empathy, and respect among different groups and communities. Shared creativity can also inspire innovation and problem-solving, as we can leverage the collective intelligence and skills of many people. Therefore, shared creativity can create better public unity by enhancing social cohesion, cultural diversity, and civic engagement.

We invite you to join our celebration towards a more positive loving universe. We believe that everyone deserves happiness and peace, and that we can create a better world together. Come and share your stories, your dreams, and your hopes with us. Let’s celebrate life and love in this amazing universe.